The Unknown Facts To Know About נערות ליווי

The Unknown Facts To Know About נערות ליווי

A ערות ליווי is either an entertainer or may act as a companion for someone who hires her services. This individual may not need to or even have the sex available for payment. The entertainment usually is through companionship and time and for the day, week, or months. These individuals may provide provocative services that do not necessarily extend to sex. These types of services normally provided to the high-class people.

Some of the unknown facts to know about נערות ליווי

The form of payment for this type of service is generally money, but she may accept something else. This type of service provider also will accompany the client to different entertaining events such as to a club, opera, or for a dining experience. Generally, these individuals work to accomplish two main goals at the same time. That includes acquiring funds for services that are given to the client and at the same time, they want to ensure the client receives satisfaction for provided services. נערות ליווי normally want to give pleasure to the other party by her presence, even if just to engage in the conversation for the night. The need for anything sexual may end in a situation if both the parties agree to the consensual sexual relations. Some of the top features for these types of service providers include:

נערות ליווי

  1. One may need to hire these individuals through some agencies. Though some of these individuals do have their own websites now to eliminate any need for agencies. One may need to book them in advance and pay them whatever they demand.
  2. This service is legal as the people are not getting paid for the sex, but for companionship only.
  3. These service providers are well-trained and educated. They know some of the high-class etiquettes and so that they can easily adjust to a luxurious lifestyle. They are also well-groomed to accompany any high profile clients. They can normally mix well in social gatherings.
  4. These individuals are normally well-groomed and they are made to look like any well-bred women to be a part of high society. It is very hard to tell whether the escort is a wife, a girlfriend, or an escort.


These individuals are mainly from the entertainment industry. They normally earn a huge amount of money and get an opportunity to enjoy a luxury lifestyle.